Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Lord, show us the way!!

Snow, showel... Winter is back!! We had about 20cm of snow in two days (Monday, Tuesday). At least the sun showed his face today and quite a bit melted already.

Tamara and Joshua are busy. They started their first work. They are officially on their third week as newspaper carrier. I think it will help them learn a lot and it enables them to earn a bit of pocket money and also save for their studies later. I try to help them too but I am glad to see them take responsibilities. May the Lord bless them for it! They like it and it doesn't take them too much time. They are doing great so far at work, at school, with their music, Bible studies... I am proud of them and praise the Lord for the changes He has brought in their lives.

We put our house for sale and are praying and waiting for the Lord to show us His will. We would like to move to be closer to church and be able to attend more often and be busier in His service. May the Lord show us where we can be more beneficial to Him!!

We have hard times but the Lord is helping us mightly too and we praise Him for His wonderful work of grace in our lives.

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